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Sensors and Python Coding       Coding can be the hard part of a project when you are creating a device that you want connected to the internet live. There can be all kinds of mistakes or breaches if not done properly. Coding language can be very complex and hard to navigate if you don't know what you are looking for or at. There are so many code languages that can be more difficult then others and some can be the easiest thing you learned by far. All depends on how comfortable you can be with coding. Deciding what type of device to create will determine the coding you need in order for your device to work on multiple platforms.       When I was taught how to create my Arduino water sensor, temperature sensor, distance sensor, and light sensor I learned more about Python Coding. Python Coding is used very often in the creation world. This was a hard part in my learning. I have come from two total different tech worlds. Learning Graphic Design to switching to actual back end coding