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Alchemy of Grace

Alchemy of Grace Holding Space meeting you where you are, learning to give Grace The work being done depends on what you're willing to face and release what no longer serves you. Everyone is at different points on their journey so give yourself grace for where you are at. Be Present. Here. Now.   I provide is a safe space for you to do what isn't as easy out in the busy world. 💫💫💫 Healing Services Reiki is a safe space and will be exactly what you need it to be. Even though we struggle to see what that may be. You will come to release and let go of what was.  Alchemy of Grace Contact: Nancy Mota

Website Creation Set Ups and Advertisements

Small Business Websites  Owning a small business' can be challenging when first starting. You have so many steps to create as well as monitor. My business is also a small, I started only about a year ago and I still manage to find myself overwelled. We all start somewhere is what I always tell myself.  By starting this website I wanted to provide more information regarding my skills and experience to help people feel more comfortable about wanting to find the strive and confidences of making their creativities a reality. I know how it is to have a passion for something and want to make it something big for you.  My services include Security of content creation or postings of your site, security for your main site, and help to manage your site after you have gone live. Website Security is highly recommended when first starting. Internet gremlins can interrupt your site traffic and do more damage then good therefore, I will help manage the backend to eliminate and unwanted traffic or
Sensors and Python Coding       Coding can be the hard part of a project when you are creating a device that you want connected to the internet live. There can be all kinds of mistakes or breaches if not done properly. Coding language can be very complex and hard to navigate if you don't know what you are looking for or at. There are so many code languages that can be more difficult then others and some can be the easiest thing you learned by far. All depends on how comfortable you can be with coding. Deciding what type of device to create will determine the coding you need in order for your device to work on multiple platforms.       When I was taught how to create my Arduino water sensor, temperature sensor, distance sensor, and light sensor I learned more about Python Coding. Python Coding is used very often in the creation world. This was a hard part in my learning. I have come from two total different tech worlds. Learning Graphic Design to switching to actual back end coding
  The Internet of Things and Security with TINKERCAD Informational Post               The meaning to IoT is really easy to understand, IoT stands for The Internet of Thing. You can say this is just another way to say that the internet is full of all things software, hardware, data, networking, and security. There has always been a cascading effect of the growth in popularity of digital devices and media and currently has had a very positive effect for those that are just leaning about this world. In these devices are sensors that gather all the data needed from wherever in the world it needs to be gathered from. Businesses, Governments, Cities, and Educators all use devices to better their knowledge with society and its current network security problems.     IoT devices can include all things that can have a live connection with the main public or private network that runs. With all these devices connected to a public network you are bound to hit a road block with your security especia

IoT (Internet of Things) Informational Post

IoT (Internet of Things)  Post       The Internet is full of different software to help with implementation and security. During my time in Collage at DeVry University I have been learning a lot about the different software that can help with these everyday security issues. Having the correct security features in play can limit a wide variety of security breach issues. My site is to mainly help guide you in finding what works better for you. From just starting to being fully functional and wanting current updates faster. My posts will show all the things I learned during my time in Collage and also show the different career skills I have to offer if you would like to inquire for some help to understand this IT security world. The point of my page is to help that small business owner manager website security for free or even just for information that can help you maintain your own security. In today's world everything is all about networking with others and finding that inexpensive
NAMASTE! WELCOME! A BLOG FOR COMPUTER / WEBSITE DEVELOPERS      Hello world! welcome to my space of all things internet security and networking. This is my space to help the small business owner run a smoother and better system for their websites. Running a business can be very difficult when having to manage every aspect of it. Why not have someone who can help you navigate these waters and at a cheap low price to better benefit your revenue.        Come on in and navigate your way through all the important and beneficial information I have to offer and also see the work created by others with this exact system. Google Domains is the way to go if your just trying to start and have very little resources. Personally this has helped me from not knowing at all where to start.  I AM HERE TO HELP YOU WITH INFORMATION ON NETWORKING AND SECURITY TO HELP YOU SUCCED!!      NEW POSTS COMING SOON....... IN THE MEANTIME PLEASE ENJOY ANOTHER SITE CREATED BY #GOOGLEDOMAINS  The Mary Maxine Site